Still confused and feel so alone.

I have written here a couple of times about my situation here and the advice is very much appreciated.
It's still very confusing here but its good to know I can come here for support.
Things here a bit better with my husband but it pretty much seems to depend on his mood.
I am going to seek legal advice as advised here so I know where I stand but its really really hard.
I love him and i have done for 16 years now but like i said before, he has never even once put me or our daughter first.
It is getting to the stage now that i think i have to realise that he never will so maybe i will have to move on but he is now not willing to leave so this could get really messy.
I dont want to have to put my 15 year old daughter thro it all but i might have too.
My first marriage ended nasty too and i really did not believe that i would be in a similar situation all these years later.
We live in a council house and my husband has been a very good provider but thats all he has been and the only interest he has had in any of us is now my daughter is 15 and even then, watching the tv is much more important to him till he has a spare moment to listen in and wants to know it all when he can be bothered to listen.
I had to leave my first husband and my son when he was 12 because of a similar mess and i lost everything i owned.
My husband i am with now has been the main provider so it kinda feels like i am going to have to do it again.
I am 45 and have no qualifications because i gave my life to bringing up my children.
Did my best first time round but for my sanity i had to leave.
This time i am stronger but i dont want to have to do this to my husband.
If he really does not leave then i will have to stay in some homeless place till i am rehoused and that could take months.
Had to stay in homeless place with my husband i am with now till we got a flat and it was awful.
Sorry for going on and on and for any cofusion here.
Mines is worse.
Thats the truth.
Thanks for all the advice and support so far.
By meggan39 15 years ago :: Marriage
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