Broken Promises

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Side 2
Side 1 says... In 2007, my big brother was making good money as a trader on wall street. I had a dead-end job so he suggested I go to bschool. He helped me on my apps and told me he'd take care of my tuition. I took him up on the offer and got accepted to go to school in the fall of 08.

Early 2008 he got laid off with no bonus. He didn't have the extra cash so I had to get student loans. The job market sucks so I couldn't find a summer internship. Now I'm p*ssed cuz I'll be $120g's in the hole & don't know if I'll have a job when I graduate. I wouldn't have even gone to bschool if he didn't offer to pay for it.

He just got a new job so I think he should pay for the loans since it was his stupid idea in the first place. He says he's not making enough help out and that he only offered because he had extra money before. A promise is a promise so I think he should pay up. He needs to be a man of his word....
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Side 2 says... I was 100% ready to give him 60k a year of my bonus money (basically most of it) no strings attached. But I lost my job and my bonus so that went out the window. I thought it would be understood that I was willing to help him with my extra $. Now he's like the mafia acting like I owe him this money no matter what.

True I got a new job (a year later) but it pays less than 1/3 what I used to make. I wish I could but I can't help him right now. I'm still paying off my own credit card bills and have a family to look after. I see pictures of him on Facebook slacking & partying at school. 80% of his classmates somehow found a job. He's blaming me instead of focusing on getting his life together. I agree it's not the situation we wanted but that's life and we've both had to adjust. A lot of people have student loans. Once he finds a job it should take care of itself.
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