Seriously Going On Spring Break With Her?

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Side 1 says... My boyfriend broke up with me last week after practically the whole year together. He has the balls to tell me he doesn't want to be tied down in a relationship and that he should be living up his college experience. I hate that bullsh*t excuse.

Anyway, I think I'll live without him. He's not a winner or exceptional in any sense of the word. But, I still have some pride, so when you tell me yu want to break up so you don't have to be tied down, why are you going to spring break with a GIRL! You know I had problems with her since she'd call you all the times. You know she caused a lot of our fights. Why do I have to hear she is going and staying in your condo. WTF? Anyone that wants to be free DOESN'T go to spring break with a girl that's clearly into him.
Added by jipson (female)
Side 2 says... Wow. Jealous much? We are over because of your jealousy. You know Stacy is a friend from back home. We have known each other since we were kids. I can have girl friends. So can she stay with me and the 10 other guys going with us and the 5 other girls going with us? YEP.

Get over it. Hell, me and Stacy made out once before and there weren't any sparks. So I don't think anything will happen anyway. But you keep thinking that. It's fun to see you go crazy when I don't have to be there. lol
Added by simonsez (male)
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