Cheating: Level Infinity!

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Side 2
Side 1 says... I always catch Jacob staring at other girls. That's ok cos I look at other boys ;-) when he does that. But he is now going too far.

Yesterday he came to visit me at work in the mall and then he left. I said I didn't have a break til 7:30 and this was 5:45 so he wasn't going to wait around and he left. I lied and took my break as soon as he left so I could follow and see where he went. He went over to the food court and got to the DQ for ice cream but I noticed a blonde bimbo that looked cute. I wanted to see if he was there for her or really the ice cream so after he left i went to get an ice cream cone. While I was ordering the girl was talking to her friend saying that my boyfriend just said she was really hot so she gave him her number and told him to call her when she got off. At the same time he texted her back so she could have his number which i witnessed!

He texts me later saying he's going to bed early and he didn't feel good. I said ok and I was soo mad I wanted to choke him but I played it cool. So after work I weent over to his housee anyway and surprised him. Its not like he was gonna turn me away so we sat on the back deck. A few minutes later his phone rings. He's trying to hide the display and I can tell he's worrried cos he starts sweating. So I said go ahead and answer it and be sure she brings over a Mint Oreo Blizzard for me also.

He didn't know what to say. So I told him how I knew what he did and now he's mad at me for not trusting him. And he thinks I'm dumb enough to turn this around to make me the bad person for spying.

He can havee her but I don't want him thinking i'm the bad person for spying. He is wrong and i would only be wrong for spying if he didn't do anything wrong in the first place.
Added by evans16 (female)
Side 2 says... Yeah I'm mad because I can't believe you would follow me. That's creepy. It's creepy that you would hide behind corners and watch me. The girl at teh dairy queen is a friend of taylor and she wanted to hang out. I knew you wouldn't understand so I wasn't going to tell you. I did say she was hot and I meant it because some people are just hot so why lie and say she wasn't. I didn't have to tell her but I did.

Does it satisfy you that you caught me and have to try to make me look like a bad guy now? It couldn't be because you are smothering me is why I would ever talk to another girl or get mad if I did. You wouldn't even let me look at other girls.

I was wrong for gettign her number. I should have broken up with you first. But creepin on me like that makes it easy. So if you can find another guy do yourself a favor and don't be crazy. And don't be stalking me at the Dairy Queen because I will be there often.
Added by clevertrevor (male)
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