$8.74 Daily Just On Coffee

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Side 1 says... My girlfriend wonders why I haven't given her a ring yet and we've had this discussion but apparently she doesn't believe me when I say she's completely insane for what she spends. I guess I'm supposed to be the patsy in her money grab for a soulmate.

I may sound harsh or it may be that I'm cut up over the fact she thinks it's ok to spend that kind of money 5 days a week on coffee - jsut for her. Once in the morning before work and once for lunch. That number jumps when she needs it after work or craves it on the weekends. A $2,700 a year coffee habit s unreal to me.

Why does she get away with it while only making $29k a year? Mommy and daddy. They still give her an allowance at 27. She thinks she's just gonna roll into another entitled relationship with me and I'm gonna be giving her the same kind of treatment (I make almost double what her parents bring in combined). I buy Folgers for Christ's sake. I'm a heavy coffee drinker and even then I'm spending between sugar, creamer, and coffee about $30 a month. AND I can drink it 7 days a week. She won't even touch my coffee. Spoiled little girl.

So while I can afford it I'm not planning on supporting it. She wants a meal for that price. Sure. But coffee. Screw that. And if she wants a ring, she's gonna have to understand that.
Added by johnboyjones (male)
Side 2 says... This is so wrong. Why would you post this? You make me sound like I'm spoiled but the reality is I'm not the only person that drinks coffee shop coffee. Everyone does it now. You can't even get a basic cup for under $2 anymore so why not get something you actually enjoy for a little more?

My parents don't give me any cash in hand. They help me on rent and my school loan which is crazy expensive.

What is the difference between buying coffee as a meal replacement? If I were buying a #2 at McDonald's it's going to cost more than my coffee. I AM NOT BUYING BOTH MCDONALD'S AND COFFEE. I am only buying the coffee So should it matter that I would rather have good coffee over a breakfast sandwich and shitty coffee? I don't think so. Enjoy life a little more. You can't take it with you. And until I ask for money AND you give me a ring, it shouldn't matter what I spend my money on.
Added by PlentyOfVenti (female)
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