Wanting A Keurig But Getting A Mr. Coffee

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Side 1 says... For so long I have asked my husband for a Keurig. I love the idea of popping in a different blend of whatever I feel like everyday and being able to change the blend from cup to cup. I also like the idea of k-cups and not having to buy bags and bags of different coffee to satisfy my palette only to have it go stale because I never finish it in time.

My husband thinks I'm too particular and feels I can stick to one blend a day or pot. So he won't let us spring for the Keurig because he says it'll be too expensive. I like the idea of having a french press too but I'd like both. The Mr. Coffee 12 cup maker doesn't work for me. I don't like pre-ground cheap coffee so I tend to skip it at home and go to a local coffee shop in the morning but I'd mostly brew at home with something better.

Call me a coffee snob but it makes me happy and it's one thing I really love to indulge in so I think it's worth it!
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Side 2 says... I wouldn't mind so much getting a better machine but I hate the k-cup scam. I can buy 80 cups for almost $40 for not even the best coffee? That's better priced than buying house-brewed coffee AT a Starbucks but it's also still expensive.

I'm not really drinking it for taste. I drink it for effect but for me getting a good cup of coffee once in a while is better because I appreciate it more. I like it by itself but I'm also fine with the daily cheap stuff.

So it's not the actual machine that I think is expensive, it's the way it'll be made and how much over time will be spent on those stupid cups (because I seriously doubt she will be using a reusable k-cup).
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