His Unemployed Ass Drives The Newer Car

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Side 1 says... My husband has been unemployed for quite a while and I work a full work week. He's always had the better car. He never buys new cars. They are usually a decade old (if I'm lucky).

Anyway, my 1992 Acura is rusting away, is 10,000 miles overdue for an oil change, and making all kinds of noises with its 175,000 miles. He had a 1994 Volvo with customized everything.

Now, while unemployed and looking for a place to golf instead of a job, has his car totaled. Insurance gave him $4,400 for it. What's he do? He goes out and buys a 2001 Volvo for $9,000 and continues to drive the better car!

He sees nothing wrong with this painted picture.

I disagree. Please let him see his error.
Added by HotTamale (female)
Side 2 says... I couldn't go buy a car that I would just have to put money into and I don't want to look bad on interviews.

I've sacrificed a lot for our marriage. I'm the one that saved all the money. I'm the one who pays bills. I do a lot.

She doesn't take care of things anyway. If I gave her this car, she would destroy it within 3 months. She never keeps her car clean. It's a mess inside. The upholstry is torn, coffee stained, and it smells like smoke.

I will have a job soon. Then this will be a non-issue again.
Added by crazyman (female)
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