Bloody Sheets

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Side 1 says... OK, so I love my husband dearly, but we happen to have different ideas when it comes to "needs" vs. "wants" in household items. Our latest disagreement is over buying new sheets. We currently have two sets: a flannel set for winter, and a cotton set for every other season. Both of these sets we've had for years. My husband, after shaving his ears the other day, recently blood-stained our "every other season" set. This, coupled with the fact that the elastic has pretty much worn out around the bottom sheet makes me feel that it's time to buy new sheets. No brainer, right? But my husband insists that the sheets work just fine, and since we're the only ones who will see the bloodstains, who cares. Can you please help me talk some sense into him? Oh yeah, I should mention that this is not a financial issue -- we can totally afford new sheets.
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Side 2 says... Okay, I know this sounds bad. But a few quick points. First, the bloodstains are mostly on a pillow case, not the sheets. Second, the elastic is just fine. Third, the sheets are clean. My wife (whom I love) washes them frequently. And it's not like there was some murder committed on the sheets. Fourth, it's not like we're NEVER going to get new sheets. We're heading into the flannel season anyway. But I do believe that Americans treat too much stuff as disposable because of appearances. If the sheets are clean, and it's a private matter, do we really have to bow to some sort of social pressure? It's in our bedroom, for God's sake.
Okay, go ahead and slaughter me.
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