Killing Me Softly (with Chocolate)

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Side 1 says... I have high cholesterol, no willpower, and a sweet tooth the dize of Cleveland. My wife knows this. And yet she continues to bring sweet things into the house, even when I beg her not to. I will admit (as a rather large mitigating circumstance) that she is pregnant. But this has been a pattern throughout our marriage. I realize she's not doing this out of malice, but our cupboards are literally overflowing with brownies and cakes and muffin mixes and chocolate chips. I know I should develop some willpower, but isn't it also reasonable to expect my wife to shut down the sugar super-highway?
Added by Knute (male)
Side 2 says... I think literally overflowing might be an overstatement. OK, so there are definitely some sweet things in the house. And I won't hide behind the fact that I'm pregnant -- it's not like cookies and cakes are the best thing for the baby either. But, I feel like an occasional treat is okay. Both of us exercise and eat healthy foods for the most part. My husband is going to encounter sweets out there in the world, shouldn't he get used to having a little willpower at home? It's not like I eat them in front of him and then go, wow, this really tastes good, don't you wish you could have some? At least not all the time... And I also didn't wave my own stellar cholesterol readings in front of his face when they came in the mail. I simply left them on the bedside table, next to my nightly Snickers.
Added by EasyE (female)
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