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Side 1 says... i have been invited to a party on valintins day and would realy like to go. All my friends are going ! as soon as i told me boyfriend he sed we had arrenged to go for a meal but i cant remeba him asking.

i cane up with the sulution that we go for the meal arond 6 and then go to the part abot 9 but he desided he wanted to go for the meal at 7 so i cudnt go to the party.

he wants to spend the whole night with me witch he would if we did both the party and the meal rather goin to the meal then back to seprate houses.
Added by poppy1234 (female)
Side 2 says... i wanted to take my girlfriend for a meal on 14 feb it was going to be all romantic.i askt her be for christmas if she would go n she sed yes. then 14 of jan she got invited to a party.

she suggested that we go for a meal around 6 then go to the party at 9 but i dont want to go to the party and i like to go for a meal out of my normal eating ruteen. so i sugested arround 7.

i feel like she dosnt want to spend time with me and would rather be with her friends on valintins day than with me.
Added by tim12345 (male)
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