Baby Feeding Schedule Gone Bad!

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Side 1 says... my wife and i were blessed with a beautiful baby girl earlier this year. i was reading my wifes baby books (you know around her 2 month mark and they stated around this time you should try to get her on a feeding schedule of every 4 hours with formula.

my mother was visiting at the time and the baby started to cry and she was going to feed her. it had been 3 1/2 hours since her last feeding i told my mom to try and entertain her for another 30 minutes before you feed her.

my wife caught wind of this (she was at work at the time) and was furious with me! she pretty much said "i am the mother, i know what's best for my daughter, she was in me for 9 months not you, don't listen to some b.s. book! if she friggen cries and isn't wet, pooped, tired, bored, or hurt....she's hungry plain and simple!!" needless to say she wouldn't talk to me for days and was very pissed and dissapointed.

i just wanted the best for my daughter and thought what i did was right!
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Side 2 says... My husband, you have to understand, gets his "facts" and important/pertinent information from either googling it or reading it from a book in black-n-white. He doesn't seem to believe what I tell him--so why bother asking me? lol

As far as our daughter's feeding schedule, at the time she was 2 months old and at that age they tend to be hungry almost every 2-3 you need to feed them every 2-3 hours the least 2 hours. My husband read in this baby book that they need to be fed every 4 hours!

To make a long story short, I had to work an overnite shift and the next morning I got wind that neither my mom or my mother-in-law fed the baby at one point in the evening because ( according to my M.I.L ) "the boss says it's too early to feed her." ( ?!?) and our daughter was crying for almost 30-45 minutes.. both the 'grandmas' 'held off' so that they wouldn't have conflict since he's the 'father' and what he said goes. :o[

After 5 more minutes, both grandmas couldn't take it anymore and finally made our little one a bottle.

I was furious hearing about this. All 2 month olds do are feed, sleep, or pee n poop! His reason for trying to get her into a feeding schedule was so she wouldn't become "overweight". I felt that was ridiculous!

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