Tipping On Takeout

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Side 1 says... Why does my wife think she has to do it? She feels bad. She feels like they're not getting paid enough. She worries that putting a 0 in that section of the bill they will look down on her.

I say fine. I don't need to be hands across America for everyone especially when they aren't providing me a service. To tip the waiter or waitress for coming to my table and bringing drinks and food yes - and that is only if I get good service from a nice person.

I hate that it's built into the whole eating out system. I'd rather pay a higher flat price and have the food prep staff be paid better than to have to worry if I'm being a bad guy by not tipping properly.

Back to my wife though. Seriously? Isn't she wrong. She drives in to pick up our $30 order using our gas and her time and still tips $5 for the hostess to hand her a bag. I don't think it's right at all.
Added by SlowDeath (male)
Side 2 says... I think the idea of not giving them anything is terrible. They prep your food, cook it, and clean up all while making paltry wages. And they have to do it with a smile even though they know it sucks. They work their tales off and deserve it. I like to tip and make people feel good.

Nothing more to say than just being a good human being. There is enough hate in the world and that few dollars could give them a big boost for the day. And who knows - the next time I come in and they remember me, they will probably not spit in my food.
Added by ChattyKathy (female)
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