The New "Family" Car

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Side 1 says... We've been shopping for a new car recently and we just had our second child who's only 6 months old. My husbands old Buick's transmission finally died and it would cost more than the car is worth so he needed something fairly quickly.

Almost without hesitation and consultation after the fact, he goes and puts a hold (he knows the dealer) on a 2000 Ford pickup. I don't have anything against trucks but they are definitely not family friendly.

I think he needs to consider that he will have to drive the kids around every once in a while and while have to install car seats in his truck. I don't want to have to switch cars if he does because I will never be able to park that thing.

He says he'll start hauling wood as an extra part-time job but he's bought other things and given the part-time work excuse to use it if he bought it for work and never did so I'm not buying it. It is strictly because he has always wanted a truck.

I just think he should be thinking of family.
Added by ladyofthetramp (female)
Side 2 says... It's an extended cab pickup and can easily fit a family of 4. I don't see anything wrogn with having a functional vehicle. I hate having to rely on other people when we have to haul something. She has a minivan and that is what she wanted because she thinks you need to become a soccer mom when you have kids. She would be perfectly fine with a car or something that didn't portray short-haired woman.

And I've always wanted to start up a seasonal business. I could easily start selling cords of wood since we live in a pretty cold area. Oh and being that it snows a lot here, have a 4WD truck probably doesn't seem like a bad idea.
Added by madeamerican (male)
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