Backstabber Sadie Hawkins Friend!

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Side 1 says... I wanted to tell people how disgusting it is my friend since we were like 7 went and asked the boy I wanted to ask to the sadie hawkins dance at school. And now I didnn't get to go last night because i don't have anyone. She stole him. So I sat home crying because I thought I could get to go and was heartbroken when he said no to me. The only reason he said no to me is because he heard from another friend jill was going to ask him and he likes her better. But if she didnt' say anything to her maybe he would have said yes to me and we could've hung out and he might have started to like me.

She tried to make up with me and tell me she didn't have a good time with him but pictures were all over facebook this morning of her and him smiling and even KISSING! I have had a crush on him for 2 years now and this was the first time I wasn't scared to ask him and because she had to open her big fat mouth I am miserable. She barely likes him and always said she didn't. She just did this to get back at me for something. I don't even know what because I never do anything but nice things for her. :(
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Side 2 says... Seriously??? He said no to you because he doesn't like you like that. He is nice to you because he thinks you're cool but he doesn't want to date you. I never told you I liked him too because you always brought it up. The problem is you should be happy for me. If he said yes to you I would have been happy for you. I didn't know Jill was gonna tell anyone I swear. But that's justa rumor that he heard about me. I didn't even matter about me he told me he was going to say no if you asked him. Sorry. You can't get any boy you want and that's too bad but I still want to be friends. I had every right to ask him so you should realize that and get over it.
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