She Hired 3 Men To Make Me Fold

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Side 1 says... This situation has been growing worse and worse for 2 months now (we are engaged), and to be honest I think neither of us knows how to make it end, that's why I decided to give sidetaker a chance.

OK so to my opinion, it all started in august, my gf and I were on vacation at the Maximized Luxury Glorious Center of Opulence (a holiday complex in the Bahamas), we were at that bar drinking a few "magic pineapple" cocktails, when the waitress, an amazing indie style 23 year old for some reason started to have a chat with us (she was a sea ski addict just like me), and acting like she was trying to seduce me (I guess) ; I was aware that it was not ok to let her do that, but she then sat on the table with her legs wide open and started serving me a new coktail right in front of me (us). I was amazed, but I did tell her to stop. She was starting to make kind of sexual noises and grabbing my tie, so my gf went to find the manager to complain and make her stop right away, but by the time the manager arrived, she was already all over me kissing me and rubbing her thigh against my crouch (not naked). When the manager arrived, I was about to throw her off on the floor violently as I didn't know what else to do to stop her. The manager apologized and we went home. But everything didn't go back to normal. My gf had seen too much.

We didn't talk about it for a few days, and came back home from our holiday. We had sex only once and she didn't have an orgasm — I'm not sure why.
A week later, at night, we were sleeping, I was suddenly waken up by noise like people walking in the street, except it seemed to be coming from the next room. My gf looked like she was sleeping next to me. I wen't back to sleep (I don't wake up easily), when all in a sudden, I heard voices whispering, this time coming from my own room. I turned the lights on, and this is what I saw, wordless : my girlfriend was lying naked on the sofa next to the bed, with 3 guys around her. One of them was performing a sexual intercourse with her (as quietly as possible), and the 2 other were grabbing her boobs and masturbating over her. When she saw me turn the light on and look at her, she made the most disgusting smile and started moaning aloud this time, right in front of me. I was extremely shocked so I ran out of the room and left the house.

Right now I am living at a friends place (he lives in the same street), and I am planning to go visit her some time soon and apologize one last time for my behaviour at that bar 2 months ago, when that girl danced for me (I am guessing this her revenge, but I am not even sure). We are engaged and I love her. How could she do this to me ? I am willing to do anything to win her back, I don't know what to do.
Maybe I deserved it, but my best friend tells me she over-reacted and that I shouln't accept this, and that I should find another woman, have sex with her so she gets pregnant and in 9 months present my new son to my actual gf as an ultimate revenge. I am tempted, but I am worried the child might not understand.
She did hire 3 men to make me jealous. :(
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Side 2 says... I did hire 3 gigolos to teach Knox a lesson about that waitress. I thought that his behavior was disgusting and unacceptable. We were on vacation in the Bahamas, where he proposed to me on the first night. It was an amazing moment, and I'm so in love with him, it was the best night of my life. Then the third night, we were having a quiet romantic dinner when a skanky waitress came over to our table and started blatantly hitting on him - which is understandable, he's a very handsome guy. But I think she must have been on some sort of aphrodisiac drugs because she started acting REALLY sexual and crazy, and I was embarrassed for her at first - THEN I GOT REALLY MAD!! Because Knox wasn't pushing her away firmly or asking her to leave, he looked all flush and hot like he was enjoying it but trying not to show it. When I got back from getting the manager, she was on his lap rubbing herself on him, and he hadn't yet pushed her away! My love and trust in him collapsed that evening, I wondered what kind of temptations he would fall into when I wasn't around, if he couldn't even turn them down with me RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!

He spent days, weeks even, trying to justify himself, but I don't believe any of his excuses (one of which was that he couldn't push her off him because he had a cramp - PLEASE!!!! What muscle did you pull that night exactly??). I made a huge effort to forgive him, and one night even let him have sex with me; but at some point I turned around and saw his eyes were closed and he was leaning toward me whispering HER NAME! I was so hurt, I could tell he was fantasizing about her while inside of me, and it was horrible.

So yes, I went out one night when he was out with his guy pals, and hired 3 gigolos (we live in Vegas, they're everywhere!) and asked them to meet me at my house the next night. I snuck out to let them in, and set the stage on the sofa in our bedroom; Knox is such a heavy sleeper, he didn't even stir! At first I just wanted to pretend to be flirting with them, make enough noise that he would wake up and I would tell him "SEE?? SEE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO SEE NAKED PEOPLE RUBBING THEMSELVES ON THE PERSON YOU LOVE?" but he took so long to wake up that I'd gotten turned on by those three very very skilled guys (!!!) and maybe we were all a little more into the act than originally planned (it was really hot and sexy!) - and I guess the scene was a whole lot more hardcore than I realized. However, nothing more than very heavy petting occurred (okay, one guy was masturbating and maybe that was a bit much) but the rest was mostly faked, and he won't believe me!

He moved out of our apartment and is staying with some friends, and won't hear any of my explanations. A friend told me he's even put up ads to find a "quick bride" or whatever, and I hope he realizes the foolishness of his actions and comes home soon. I'm sorry for putting on this show, and even more for getting into it and maybe letting myself get turned on (but wow, those guys were so hot!) and maybe even touching one of them a little (but it was nothing, just quickly with my hand, just to get a touch, you know?) and also letting the cute, ripped black one go down on me - but it only lasted for a minute, and I really wanted to teach Knox a lesson about fidelity and I felt the point needed to be driven home FORCEFULLY. I hope he got it, and I hope he stops acting all nonsensically and comes home so we can start preparing the wedding! It's going to be really great, I want to hire some dancers and I promise even some will be girls :)

Please, Knox, come home, I promise I won't hire any more prostitutes, if you promise you won't let any more skanky waitresses rub your crotch... I love him and only want him. I've never looked at another guy since I met him. And I never will. He's the only one for me.
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