Running Into Ex With New Girlfriend

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Side 1 says... While at the mall, my girlfriend Katie and I ran into my ex. Keep in mind that we've not dated for 3 years so there's really no tension between us. After we said a few hellos we walked away and Katie went nuts on me saying that I still wanted her, I looked at her like I wanted to have sex with her, and she walked away.

I think it would have been completely ignorant for us to avoid her like she never existed. The conversation didn't get past how have you been, still working the same job...

Katie needs to relax. I wasn't flirting. I didn't do anything wrong and she's still mad at me for it not even returning my calls.
Added by Isaac9 (male)
Side 2 says... Yeah that's all Mike did sure. Before we even got close to her I saw him staring at her from a mile away. We actually changed our course to run into her cos he thought I didn't see her before him (guys have no idea about ex-girlfriend radar). I didn't say anything then cos I wanted to see how it played out.

He began to eye her up and down and then pretty much focused on her boobs. She could tell it to cos she pushed them out. The whole time he had a giant smile on his face but he still held my hand trying to make both of us jealous at the same time. I wasn't jealous because I know I'm better looking and smarter than her. I just got pissed that he put me in that position.

He thinks he can play me for a fool around other women but I know his game. I just think we need a few days apart.
Added by Catwoman46 (female)
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