Were We Just Friends W/ Benefits

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Side 2
Side 1 says... at first it started out like f w/b then he was always calling me sweating me then he asked me out i said yes then he was always up my butt he wanted to be w/ me all the time his parents did not like me so they tried to break us up by telling him they had a job down there for him so we talk and he says hes doing it for us that they cant change his mind about me so he leaves he gives me some of his stuff like his childhood cross which i still have so i give him some stuff then we talk on the phone everynite then one day he comes to see me and me and my sis are talkin bout levin goin to clifornia and he gets quite so i ask him whats wrong he thinks we should brake up he dost want to get that close to me if its not gonna last so we brake up but he tells me he wont forget me he thinks about me all the time he calls me everynite for 2 months then it stops meanwhile we still had sex after we broke up the next time i see him he very cold to me never calls me anymore he said goodbye to everyone in the car but me yet after we broke up hes the one that called me telling me he missed me he wanted to be more first when he had to go home he cried i was there for him in the hospital looking for jobs making him feel better im the only one who actually liked him his cousins think hes a bully so they dont like him his own brother thinks hes a loser my sis and mom hate him but i though there was more i didnt think hed be a loser he said i could trust him tell him anything but i wont call him if he dost want to talk to me i feel used
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Side 2 says... i have a new girl this is from the story by crazyb we dont talk anymore so i didnt think i had to tell her anything im the type of person that falls in love every few months i told my cousin i had feelings for her but i didnt want to fall in love if she was moving now im inliove w/ my new girl .i did want her babies i told her alot of stuff i feel bad now that i told her
i also made promises i did not keep
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