Ex-wife Is A Fraud, Lied On Her Resume !

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Side 1 says... How can this woman tell kids to stay in school and be on the scolarship board when she never graduated or even took her own GED test ???
My ex-wife has a great job making big money. She is the registrar at our local high school and she kicks students out of the school over residency issues, hiring private investigators to follow them home from school, taking video, running license plates etc.

She never graduated from ANY HIGH SCHOOL !!
She didn't even take her own GED test !!
When I asked her best friend, is this woman stupid? She replied Yes, she's stupid, I had to take the GED test for her !! She let that one slip out !!
While she smiles to your face, she'll stab anyone in the back.
There might be a real woman who did graduate or take her own GED test that is qualified and should have this job.

Maybe she should have her private investigators find out how she lived in Orland Park and let her daughter live in Oak Lawn and go to the Evergreen Park Schools under a false address and send herself a bill for 20 grand.

Maybe she should have her private investigators go search for her high school diploma and her GED application, they should be able to find them... right after O.J. Simpson finds the real killers !

When she thought a minor african american student stole her planner book, she brought home his photo, name and address and asked me to "go beat him up"
Taking personal information from school files and soliciting an assault is just another example of what this lawless person gets away with on a daily basis.

Why haven't I alerted the authorities you ask?
My children still go to that school and the embarassment would be too much for them.

Will I go to the school board and the newspapers ? Soon. But I wanted some opinions.

I've never seen anything like this ever, I don't know what to do.
What would you do?

So if you are sitting there with a high school diploma, just tear it up, you could be making 40 grand a year and have three months off during the summer !!
Added by GoodHusband (male)
Side 2 says... I have been forgiven by our Lord Jesus Christ. I am not proud of the things I have done in my past. But that is all behind me now. All I can do is praise Jesus and thank him for the blessings he has given me. I think what you should do is find Jesus in your heart and he will give you peace. I go to church every sunday, bible study on tuesday, I help with the homeless on saturday night, I am protected by the Lord, who is my savior. God bless you all.
Added by SR1955 (female)
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