Who Can Change Baby Diapers?

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Side 1 says... Our daughter is a little over a year old and she needed her diaper changed - she was sick and had diarrhea so I thought I would have my brother who was there at the time help me out to clean her up since it basically went everywhere.

My wife gave me the evil eye after (she wasn't there at the beginning because she was sleeping and I didn't want to wake her up). She then began to scold me as to how it's inappropriate for any other male - family or not - to change our daughter. Everyone I've talked to finds this strange. Neither my brother nor myself found this to be out of the ordinary.

He is no pervert. He is family and I asked him to help. I would trust him with my daughter's life. Am I wrong to ask him to change a diaper from time to time? Whether we had a boy or a girl, it's still a baby and all babies need changing and if my wife or I weren't available, I would rather see family have to change our baby than say a stranger at day care.

Sorry, but from where we grew up (as from most others) it seems normal enough to me.
Added by danSaysNo (male)
Side 2 says... It's totally inappropriate to have another man change your daughter's diaper...family or not. I wouldn't even let my brother do it. You are the only male who should ever change her diaper. That's all I have to say.
Added by slowB (female)
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