Good Friend, Turned Bad.

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Side 1 says... So I have this friend. Janell And I use to date this guy, Marcus. I broke up with him 6 years ago. It was a long painful relationship that I would never want to go down that road again. He cheated on me, i cheated on him. Well I met him out for drinks one night, we still enjoy each others company at times. I took what i thought was my best friend with me, well apparently they hit it off and she ended up meeting up with him later and they slept together. I told her she was wrong to do that and you don't hook up with your friends ex boyfriend. She doesn't understand why I am so pissed????
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Side 2 says... Okay, Yes this did happen. I don't deny it, nor do I regret it. They broke up 6 years ago and from everything i knew about him she hated him. Why would she get so mad about this? She did just say that wouldn't ever date him again, seems to me hes free game. And good at it.
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