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  • Too Tight With My Sister

    My husband has much more in common with my sister. She's into cars and tattoos and that's his thing. I...

    52   |   16   |   Family (Extended)
  • Where To Spend Thanksgiving Is The Issue

    We never had the problem before because his family has always been too far to go for such a short...

    34   |   8   |   Marriage
  • Oldest Daughter Won't Leave The House

    I think this is more typical in boys where it's frowned upon if your son is 30 and still living at...

    41   |   13   |   Parenting
  • Brother Manipulates Girls With "The Offer"

    My brother always finds a way into every single single girl he knows. Like clockwork, he pounces on them in...

    37   |   12   |   Family (Extended)
  • Keeping My Car Clean

    I eat fast food a good bit on my way to work. A lot of the time I don't have...

    28   |   26   |   General
  • Husband Screams Over $300 To Breast Cancer

    We were fortunate enough to get a class action lawsuit settlement for about $300 for something I never thought we'd be

    31   |   17   |   Money
  • Ever Been Told You're An Idiot?

    My husband has been increasingly violent tempered recently. He's been under pressure at work but then he comes home and

    36   |   12   |   Marriage
  • New Vs. Used Car And Not Married

    I'd love a new car and have been looking but my boyfriend now says if II buy a new car...

    25   |   12   |   Dating
  • Letting Kids Sleep On Hotel Comforter

    I am very clean with my kids and i don't let them run around in bare feet. I don't let...

    33   |   13   |   Parenting
  • Interns Are Ruining The Workplace

    There's a big problem in this nation and it's not the loss of jobs through tech. The issue of interns...

    26   |   12   |   Workplace/Co-workers
  • Wanting A Keurig But Getting A Mr. Coffee

    For so long I have asked my husband for a Keurig. I love the idea of popping in a different...

    26   |   13   |   Money
  • Quitting Job To Start A Business

    I've always wanted to open a restaurant. I love to cook and the recipes I've created taste pretty exceptional according

    24   |   42   |   Marriage
  • Cereal For The Kids

    I have always thought it's ok to give our kids their favorite cereal. It is always changiing but it's usually...

    24   |   8   |   Parenting
  • Showing People My Bad Photos

    My husband always shows all our guests the most embarrassing pictures because he thinks it is so funny. It devastates

    37   |   18   |   Marriage
  • Eating Organic Food

    I am trying to convince my husband we should be eating organically grown food. Not only does it taste better...

    22   |   12   |   Money
  • He Shaved Our Son's Head Without Asking!

    Our little boy was about to get some pictures taken for a family update and now he has a buzz...

    26   |   17   |   Parenting
  • Need A Deodorant Changing Hubby

    I just discovered this site and it was perfect timing because I just got into a fight with my husband...

    24   |   25   |   Marriage
  • My Boyfriend Is The Guy You Hate

    I get so irritated going out with him because he is one of the people who takes 2 spaces for his...

    48   |   22   |   General
  • Homemade Bidet Thing Isn't Funny Anymore

    My husband is obsessive with being clean and every single time he goes to the bathroom he has to shower...

    18   |   5   |   Marriage
  • Is This Cheating? I Think So.

    So, I gave my girlfriend my Facebook password and she gave me hers as well. She told me not to...

    85   |   34   |   Dating

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